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Condominium Conversions

Oak Edge Capital spearheads redevelopment opportunities of dilapidated single-family residences, obsolescent offices, and abandoned industrial warehouses, for example, into state-of-the-art, luxury condominium units. Oak Edge has the experience and capability to lead all aspects of acquisition, entitlement, construction, marketing, and disposition. 

Multi-Family & Single-Family Residential

From single-family, ground-up development to refurbishment of multi-family units, Oak Edge Capital has the wherewithal to deliver quality, high-end properties for sale and rent. As each property is unique, Oak Edge Capital maintains strategic flexibility, with the ability to manage balance sheet rental investment properties while at the same time implement buy/renovate/sell strategies as and when appropriate.

Retail & Commercial


Oak Edge Capital focuses its retail and commercial endeavors in burgeoning, emerging corridors of the nation's capital, including H Street, Shaw, Union Market, Petworth, and the like. Boutique retail stores, fast-casual restaurants, and open work spaces are just a few examples of potential Oak Edge tenants.

Mixed Use

In the ever-increasing live/work/play environment of today's dense, urban centers, mixed-use projects have become the norm. Oak Edge Capital seeks small- to mid-cap opportunities consisting of ground-floor retail coupled with residential and/or office components.

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